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F A Q s

People ask us lots of questions about our outdoor wedding venue here in Perth. This page is designed to help brides to make a decision to get married here at Rose Social. We welcome all your queries!

  • When is the best time to have an outdoor garden wedding in Perth?
    The garden is in it's full glory from September to May every year when flowers keep blooming in their full glorious colours. Perth enjoys fantastic Mediterranian style weather from spring to autumn. Winter weddings could be fun in our spacious wedding shed/barn and the gardens are luscious and green through winter.
  • Are outdoor weddings cheaper?
    You can have your ceremony and reception at the same outdoor garden wedding venue saving time and money compared with a traditional indoor reception room wedding, Check out our DIY wedding packages for a wedding celebration on a budget.
  • Can we bring our own alcohol to our wedding at your venue?
    YES!!! This is a perfect option for people who has wine lovers in the family and have been keeping some special bottles for your special wedding day celebration. Please note people love to take their shoes off and dance on the lawn therefore we request you bring plastic cups to avoid injury.
  • What wedding themes are trending in Perth?
    Some of the most popular wedding themes in recent years have been rustic, garden, boho, vintage, victorian steam punk, DIY casual, costumed and elegant casual. Alice in Wonderland theme has been thought after recently. We have facilities and decor items to most themes you can think of.
  • What are the best wedding decor colours?
    It is most certainly your personal choice but think of your favourite palet? Moss and blush? White on white? Soft pink pastels with grey? Exiting bright reds and oranges?Subtle blues and grays with taupe? Navy, gold and lilac? Being a garden wedding venue we are flexible and always on trend with wedding colours. At the moment brides love rustic blush and sage green which actually never seem to go out of fashion. Come and talk to our stylist to find your preferred table scape.
  • You just got engaged? Congratulations! Set a date and start booking.
    If you just got engaged and feel ready to get started with all the planning and decision making then it’s time to go all in! SET YOUR DATE! Set it in stone—this is now the focal point of your wedding plans. 1. Booking the venue is the most logical starting point but you can start wherever you want! Remember, there’s no official wedding timeline. If you want to be engaged for a while, you can! You shouldn’t start this step until you’re ready to devote the time, money and effort it takes to plan the wedding of your dreams. Otherwise, sit back, relax, and enjoy engagement, lovers!
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