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Discover a heavenly taste experience with our lavender-infused raw organic honey, sourced from a single origin. The soothing essence of lavender combined with the natural sweetness of our raw organic honey creates a delightful flavor that will leave your taste buds wanting more. Perfect for adding to tea, drizzling over toast, or using in your favorite recipes, our lavender honey is a delicious and wholesome addition to your pantry. 
FREE pick up from Baldivis WA by appointment call 0416 192 215
Our raw organic honey infused with herbs and flowers from our own gardens - Wedding Favours, Edible Xmas Gifts, Healthy food options.
We are now offering 215ml square jars of:
Rosepetal infused honey,
White Sage infused honey,
Rosemary infused honey,
Lavender infused honey.
All grown and produced on our farm here in Baldivis, Western Australia.
Single origin pure raw organic honey  from our bees infused with our herbs and flowers right here, right now.
No chemicals, no heating, no destroying goodness in our simple process.
Bee Friendly Farm Certified.
Honey if pure and raw,  its anti inflamatory, anti fungul, rose petals are antioxidant, white sage helps to clear your emotions, lavender lifts your mood and rosemary also has anti inflamatory values.
Email us for a FREE Cookbook - Rose Social and A Little Flower Farm gone garden to table in one hop and a jump! - (a non cook's selection of easy fun recipies) including ideas how to use raw honey and how to use fresh produce from your own garden.
Agnes has been busy at "A Little Flower Farm" the preperty where the Rose Social Baldivis Wedding Venue is located, to bring you wholesome natural goodness to enjoy all year round.

Lavender Infused Raw Organic Honey. A Sweet Treat for Gourmet Palates and Perfec

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