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Celebrate by gifting a loved one a luxury Rose Social Gift Box. 
We've curated this gift selection with care to bring joy and relaxation to your special garden tour day.
The centerpiece of the box is a bontanical dried flower bouquet from out garden,that can be used in your reed diffusers. 
Beautiful hand crafted rose geranium candle in a tea cup included with a saucer to re use later with our amazing Rose Social Tea. 
But that's not all - we've also included a jar of Rose Social honey, harvested from the farm's own beehives. The Bee Friendly Farming Certification from Wheen Bee Foundation assures quality and chemical free production. These natural treasures make the perfect addition to a cup of Rose Social Tea, also included in the box in a variety of flavors.
If you enjoy a cappuccino or chai latte or even an ice cream treat, the LoVE Dust will bring your taste buds to live. This condiment is made of roasted super fragrant rose petals grind to a fine sprinkling dust with just a bit of sugar.
For ultimate relaxation, we've included a satchel of Rose Social epsom salt bath pack, infused with essential oils and our fragrant dried rose petals.
To round out the gift box, we've also included a packet of flower seeds of Giant Hollyhocks or Pincushion flower seeds to scatter in your own garden to experience the joy of growing beautiful flowers.
..... and to top it all off -We are including a hand made gift card that expresses the givers love and appreciation.
Every item in this gift box has been chosen with love and care, to make sure that your receiver feels cherished and pampered.

Medium Luxury Gift Hamper - Limited Edition

Secondary colour: Pink
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