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Indulge in the Natural Sweetness of Rose Social Baldivis' Single-Origin Raw Honey with Queen Bee Honey Club. Our honey is made from the nectar of the finest flowers, providing you with a unique and exquisite taste. Enjoy it on toast, in tea, or with your favorite recipe. Order now and experience the difference in taste and quality with our premium honey.
Amazing flavor, amazing texture, amazing pure raw unfiltered natural honey form our bees direct to you.
Chemical free flower farm and wedding venue in Baldivis. Queen Bee Honey Club. We have over 1300 rose bushes, dahlias, zinnias, natives, sweet peas, cut flowers and lots more. Our BEES are happy all year round as we made sure their is plenty of food source for them all year round.
We keep our harvest separate and don't mix our seasonal honey together. Come and Visit!!

Raw Honey from Rose Social Baldivis: Pure Delight, Shop Now! Perfect Gift for Ho

SKU: spoon jar,Tub
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