Tell us what your dream wedding style is or select an existing ceremony area from the list below!

We are here to help you make your wedding day a super special one of event that family and friends will talk about for decades to come. Rose Social unique location and quirky garden rooms provide a great canvas to bring your wildest happy wedding day fantasies alive!

My Place Rose Gardens copy144.jpg

Ceremony Location

Love Heart Labyrinth

Our unique to Rose Social love heart labyrinth is extraordinary! A perfect ceremony location for small and intimate weddings.  Agnes planted two rose gardens in the shape of a love heart. The outer love heart has Friesia yellow roses representing compassion and the inner love heart is Sachmo, a true non fading vibrant red  rose representing love!

These roses are particularly special as they are prolific bloomers and flower throughout the season without fail. Lake view as your backdrop completes the picture!

Ceremony Location

Moon Gate with Lake View

The Moongate is a circular metal arch that is usually located at this ceremony area however for the style shoot we have used our mobile jarrah square frame here to go with the amazing red wedding dress. The front slope of our hillside property is facing the Baldivis Salt Lake also knows as Lake Walyungup, which is popular with landsailors and locals. A shallow saline lake that was once connected to the ocean, Lake Walyungup reaches 3.5 metres at its deepest point front of our property, providing amazing photo opportunities all day long.

My Place Rose Gardens copy76.jpg

Ceremony Location

Rolling Greens

We always thought our back yard lawn to be special. Under the magnificent shade all day long  the lawn is lush and green all the time and the birdsong from the variety of local birds who nests in the 300+ year old trees contribute to the tranquil relaxed vibe this area offers for the wedding party. 

Ceremony Location

Elegant Casual County Barn

If you are not in favour of a 100% open air ourdoor garden wedding, Rose Social Baldivis offers a large wedding shed/barn for ceremony and reception all in one. This area is also suitable for bad weather back up for your garden wedding in case it rains. We offer sit down catering option in our wedding shed/barn with long tables and mix match white wooden chairs. This ceremony area is easy to accessorise for vintage high tea wedding, elegant casual, rustic/rural or vintage decor pending on your choice of style for your wedding day.